I have more than 15 years experience building, deploying, and strategizing email marketing campaigns. I began working with a Daily Deals company where we sent more than four million emails every morning to 35 different cities. From there I have worked with both large and small eCommerce companies and large and small non-profits.

My specialty is setting up award-winning strategy for customer retention, income optimization, and developing readership through the use of technology, careful planning, and excellent content.

eCommerce and Influencers:

At Zumba Fitness I worked to launch an award winning email marketing campaign that utilized a 33-message CRM program auto-triggered in 11 different languages based on user behavior. The entire program was hand-coded in Exact Target, then moved to StrongMail, and deployed around the clock. This was on top of our standard merchandising, instructor, and events email programs.

At Pricepoint, a Bicycle Manufacturer and Distributor, I built their first online campaigns consisting of newsletters and daily deals that drove purchases at more than 4X over previous sales.

At Studio71 I managed email programs for dozens of YouTube Influencers that were looking to engage their superfans at never-before-seen rates, and through original content and unprecedented access, it was achieved.

At Machinima I designed a unique educational email system designed to help our signed YouTube Influencers in growing their channels on all social platforms, interact with their fans, and increase their income. This program was an entirely “Set It and Forget It” system that read the analytical information for the influencers, gauged where they needed the most help then auto-enrolled them in one of nine different auto-send campaigns written by myself that offered lessons on how to improve the exact topic they were having problems with. Some of the topics were YouTube Keywords and SEO, Social Media Engagement, Video Length Use, Commenting and Replies, Content Guidelines, and many others.


But, my passion has been working with non-profits to deliver in ways they have not been able to do before because of lack of time and experience because they have been solely and rightfully focused on their mission and not had the worker headcount to dedicate to programs that can make a difference. I have worked directly with Brave New Films, PETA, and the National MPS Society to revamp and optimize their email campaigns to drive small donations and highly engage and retain members.

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